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Bible Study for Adults – 9:30 am

Sunday Morning Worship – 10:30 am

Connection Group Bible Studies – 5:00 pm

Sunday Evening Worship – 6:00 pm    Celebration Service

Grow Group Wednesday – 10:30 am @ Flavors Coffee Shop

Grow Group Wednesday – 7:00 pm @ FBHC Sanctuary

Saturday Evening Worship – 7:00 pm @ FBHC Sanctuary

Frankfort Bible Holiness Church
1947 W Barner St,
Frankfort, IN 46041

We believe every believer should be connected to the body of Christ beyond attending a worship service. There are many ways to get connected, but the primary way is by joining a weekly Grow Group. Grow Groups are small groups of 8-12 people who meet weekly in homes. Childcare is available.

See a Connection Attendant or a Pastor for more information on how to join a Grow Group.


“I benefit from my grow group because it is so much easier to be open with people in a small group.”

“My Grow Group means a lot to me. When we pray for each other it is encouraging and supportive. I have been challenged to pray more for the people in our group and to show more compassion toward their needs.”

“It benefits us by helping people become a more like a family within the larger church family. These groups provide care, support, and encouragement. I believe the groups strengthen the overall congregation.”

“I am able to share openly and I benefit from the transparency in our group.”

“I look forward to every week and love how we have gotten to know each other. It motivates me more and more!”

“I feel really connected and comfortable with my group and leaders.”

“I loved it when our group had a bonfire and we gathered and praised God through simple songs and praise.”

“The Grow Group has given unimaginable benefit through close personal worship and studying God’s Word.”

“We focus on prayer a lot in our group and it has helped me tremendously. I’m more comfortable praying out loud than I was before.”

“It’s great to have a small group of people you know are praying for your needs.”

1. What kind of worship service do you have?
We experience inspiring worship through traditional hymns, congregational singing, and special songs from various musicians.
2. Is there a dress code to attend?
No, everyone is welcome to come as they wish. The pastors usually wear suits and ties.
3. Do you have child care?
Yes, there is an infant nursery for mothers and a staffed toddler class.
4. How long are your services?
Our average service length is one hour and twenty minutes.

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